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Announcing: Compaas

bethanye McKinney Blount
Feb 22, 2017 12:53:43 PM

It’s time to show y’all what we’ve been building.

Y’all already know that Lisa and I are building compensation tools for startups and early stage companies. I talked about it here and here and here. I even mentioned that we’re building an MVP.

The thing about MVPs is that it’s so hard to know when to draw the line and actually release an early version. Ideally, you want to find people who decide that the problem you’re solving is interesting and relevant to them. There’s a backlog of a hundred things that haven’t quite been finished or fleshed out yet, cases that aren’t quite solved… all the things that make it kind of harrowing to say to the world, “Hey! Check out this thing we’re working on. We think it’s pretty neat so far, and it’s only going to get better. Maybe if you like it you can tell us what you want to see more of?” Wrestling with when to show your work is exciting. It’s nerve-wracking. And now that day has arrived for Cathy Labs.


We call it Compaas.

And today, we have the first set of features ready to help companies learn more about their compensation trends.


compaas salary report
Actual sample report pages. Not actual size.


What’s in the Compaas preview?

The Compaas preview uses company-provided salary information to generate a customized compensation report. The report includes:

  • existing and model salary bands
  • analysis of how existing salaries track within those bands
  • outlier discovery
  • recommendations about trends for investigation

This is a limited preview, and companies need a password to try it out. Email me to join the Compaas preview and build your own customized compensation report.


Just the beginning for Compaas, with the launch of our compensation app Just the beginning. (CC Image by Roger Ahlbrand)


What’s on the roadmap?

The Compaas preview is just the seed of so many features on our roadmap. Some things we have planned:

  • interactive analytics
  • scenario planning
  • dynamically generated reporting
  • equity analysis
  • employee communication materials covering equity+benefits
  • industry benchmarks / comparisons

Every journey starts with a single step.

Or in our case, a preview release. We are building Compaas to help companies truly become the kinds of organizations they aspire to be. Our sincere thanks to everyone who has already helped us along the way, from interviews to brainstorming ideas. With more feedback and thoughts, we know Compaas will get even better.

❤ ~~bethanye and Lisa, Cathy Labs

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