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Announcing: Compaas Index

bethanye McKinney Blount
Aug 11, 2020 6:43:45 AM

You asked for it—and we finally did it! Today, I’m excited to announce the addition of our proprietary compensation benchmark solution: Compaas Index.

Traditional benchmark data has focused on providing numbers – lots and lots of numbers. Navigating all those numbers is complicated, even when lots of data isn’t what you need. Compaas Index answers the questions you encounter throughout the year, not just when you’re doing a big market data analysis. For example: As employees shift away from the office, how do you set and manage your compensation policy? What are the right targets that represent your intention, goals, and values?

Compaas Index is elegant. It uses AI to create the target ranges that are right for your company, not everyone else’s. In short, we do the heavy number crunching in the background, to bring you the numbers you need without the noise. And because Compaas Index includes, well, an index, we also give you real-time tracking feedback about market trends. Even for companies that are expert in navigating complex market benchmarks, that feedback is a huge advantage. It lets you control when to make adjustments, and where to focus your time and budget.

At Compaas, we’re experts in compensation for all kinds of companies, including those with remote and distributed teams. That expertise is built right into Compaas Index to help you make more informed decisions around compensation. Whether you’re fully-distributed, in-office, or somewhere in between—we have you covered.

Compaas Index is uniquely designed to account for remote employees. From the very beginning, we’ve considered both the geography and the base-of-operations for employees. This way, we can differentiate “works from an office” vs. “works outside an office” even when two workers are in the same region. And the tool itself is more than just a set of numbers. Compaas Index also gives guidance and decision support as companies transition to fully-distributed or hybrid teams. For example, how do you want to structure employee pay when some are staying in-office and others are moving away? What is the impact to both the company and the employee if policy will dictate a compensation change–and how do you track exceptions? No matter which compensation strategy is right for your company, Compaas Index helps you model the impact to employees, managers, and budget.

And of course, Compaas Index works seamlessly with the rest of our powerful Compensation Intelligence Platform. Not only can you see how your existing ranges compare, but you can use Index data to help budget for your next raise cycle in Rewards.

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