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Announcing Compaas Rewards

bethanye McKinney Blount
Jul 16, 2019 9:53:50 AM

It’s a great day at at Compaas!

Today, we’re solving another huge pain-point for companies. In our many conversations with HR and Total Rewards professionals over the last year, we’ve found one thing seems to take the most time, generate the most labor, and produce the most risk: the Reward Cycle. By this, we mean those regular rounds of raises, bonuses, stock grants, and promotions which add up to a bunch of complex unrepeatable work for HR and managers.

We wanted to know — how could this tangled process become safe, reliable, orderly, and efficient? If someone claimed they could wrangle the variety of budgets, promotions, pay grades, and (this is key) human stakeholders, would you be interested? I hope so, because I’m happy to announce the release of our compensation cycle tool.

We’re calling it Compaas Rewards, and it works as an add-on to Compaas Analytics. The idea is, we take all that compensation data you already have in different systems, and use it to make an easy, customized Rewards process for you and your stakeholders. 

Compaas Rewards - Interface


Here are some highlights:

Log in and Set Raises

Managers and stakeholders get their own compensation portal where they can recommend raises, leave notes, and more!

Built-in Approval Process

Need to get sign-off from higher-ups before sending everything to payroll? Decision makers can view, edit, and approve sets of raises. We’ll even let them know when they need to weigh in.

See the Future

Instantly see the effects of proposed comp changes and compare to your current picture. We call it Future View.

No More “Please ignore the last email”

Ever have that nightmare where you send a spreadsheet to the wrong person? Compaas Secure Login makes sure people only see what they are supposed to.

Teach as You Go

Managers and team leaders can see exactly where their reports are within their pay bands, and get a true sense of their compensation history. No more raises grounded in instinct.

This is our first big addition to the Compaas platform, and we’re really excited. We ran a pilot with our friends at Varo Money, and they were excited to run a comp cycle without spreadsheets. We wrote up a case study about their experience. 

There’s already a wait list, but if you are interested — or are an existing customer — please reach out and we’ll be happy to show you the power of Compaas Rewards


Giving raises doesn’t have to be a pain.

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