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Intelligent Raises and Grants for Benchling

How Benchling transitioned to streamlined, annual compensation cycles with Compaas.

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The Company

Company: Reddit
: San Francisco, CA

Industry: Social Media

Reddit is an online community where users submit, vote, and comment on content, news, and discussions.

Nicknamed "the front page of the internet,"​ Reddit is one of the top five sites in the United States, with 100k+ communities and 52M+ daily active users.

Chris Vanzetta
Senior Director of HR, Reddit


We got feedback from our team that Compaas is the best comp tool they’ve ever worked with.
Our people leaders loved the tool and thought it was seamless. It was a HUGE win for us.

The Problem

Chris Vanzetta, Senior Director of HR at Reddit, was facing a big challenge: shifting the company’s longstanding practice of anniversary reviews and raises to annual company-wide cycles, including dozens of managers, approvers, and executives.

Juggling spreadsheets, making copies for each manager, and merging changes would require a lot of overhead. He also knew how time consuming it could be to send out custom total compensation letters to employees.

Chris needed to create an efficient, secure process in order to ensure a smooth transition for Reddit.



By leveraging the power of the entire Compaas platform, the HR team at Reddit was able to make a seamless transition to their new annual review process, while improving efficiency and security.

Even while the cycle was open for managers, Reddit's compensation team was able to shift budgets, modify targets, and shift employees to different slate owners.

Prior to using Compaas, each manager spent an average of 30 minutes meeting with HR for guidance around the review cycle, and another 30 minutes deciding how to allocate their budget. With so much employee information available at their fingertips in manager view, managers have been able to cut the average time spent by 42%.

Key integrations using Compaas:

workday shareworks

The Solution

An all-in-one compensation management platform that improves collaboration and security, eliminates the need for spreadsheets, and generates customized total compensation letters.

As long-time users of Compaas Analytics, Reddit knew the platform’s salary band adherence and pay equity features would set them up for a successful review cycle. They also knew the Compaas Customer Success team would be there every step of the way to provide unparalleled support.

Once the cycle began, Reddit’s compensation team benefited from secure, consistent collaboration with managers, as well as real-time cycle status for leadership and decision makers. Rather than emailing spreadsheets around and trying to maintain version control, each manager could log in to their own secure slate and view employee timelines, pending promotions, budget allocation, and performance scores. This gave managers the ability to make more informed recommendations, and better collaborate with other stakeholders.

Reddit also took advantage of Compaas Letters. Sending customized post-cycle letters to employees ensured consistent communication, and reduced overhead for Chris and his team.

Context and Understanding

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