Great Compensation

Is a Journey not a Destination


The Company

Company: The Motley Fool
: Alexandria, VA

Industry: Financial Media

The Motley Fool helps people attain financial freedom through their website, podcasts, books, newspaper column, radio show, and premium investing services.

They’re not afraid to try new things around compensation, including “Ask for a Raise Day” in which employees were encouraged to ask their managers for raises. They utilize Compaas to help them conduct informed, healthy compensation conversations with employees.


The Problem

Without a formal compensation strategy or good visibility into total compensation, The Motley Fool made pay decisions on an individual basis.

They wanted a way to see all of their pay data in one place, so they could discuss total compensation with employees, their managers, and the leadership team.


The Solution

Compaas Analytics allows The Motley Fool to make strategic decisions around employee pay.

White glove onboarding includes guidance on how to set up salary bands and pay ranges, and how to communicate them internally.

Employee report provides visibility into when employees last received a raise, bonus, equity grant, or new manager.

Compa(eq) provides instant insights into total employee compensation—including cash and stock.

Salary currency conversions simplify compensation analytics across different countries.

Demographic break-downs identify potential pay inequities between different employee groups.



  • The ability to make strategic pay decisions without a dedicated compensation specialist
  • Historical context to understand who’s making what compensation decision for each employee, and why
  • A lens to look at pay equity across the organization—even with employees in 8 different countries (with 8 different currencies)

Key integrations using Compaas



Kara Chambers
VP, People Insights, The Motley Fool

It’s all about the individual journey. That’s why I really like the employee pages.

What we need at the Motley Fool is to understand who’s making what decisions. I can see who actually gave that pay raise or bonus, and why. I can see how quickly employees are moving through salary bands.

Now I can go to anyone in the company and say, “If you want to discuss your salary, come talk to me and with Compaas I have all the data I need to have a healthy conversation.”