Remote Compensation is Tricky

Are you ready?

Compaas helps your team manage the complexities of compensation – whether you're going all-distributed or remote-friendly


All the facts in one place

Regardless of location or currency, your team can dig into how employee pay is distributed.


100% Adjustment Factor-friendly

If your philosophy means deriving pay ranges by location, experience, or other factors — Compaas has you covered. No matter how many adjustment factors you need, we help you cut through the complexity.

Zone-Based Analysis

Something weird happening in Denmark? Analyze any geographic zone based on demographics, tenure, compa, stock and more!


Beautiful, Consumable Reports

Wow your leadership with a compensation report for a specific area, job function, department, or team.

Local Context, Global Benefit

Give your managers the context they need at raise-time — at the level of transparency that fits your company.

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See how GitLab does it!

How did this fully-distributed company take on compensation planning

" We are no longer in spreadsheets, thanks to Compaas! " 
–Brittany Rohde

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