This year, pay increases will be right on schedule.

Welcome to Compaas Rewards

Log in and Set Raises

Managers and stakeholders get their own compensation portal where they can recommend raises, leave notes, and more!

Built-in Approval Process

Need to get sign-off from higher-ups before sending everything to payroll? Decision makers can view, edit, and approve sets of raises. We’ll even let them know when they need to weigh in.

Context. Where managers need it most.

Give managers a powerful view of employee history and events with the Employee Timeline.

Strategy. Not Spreadsheets.

So much of running a raise cycle is wrangling huge lists and rolling up numbers. We do all the time-consuming stuff, so you can spend your time helping actual humans.

No More “Please ignore the last email”

Ever have that nightmare where you send a spreadsheet to the wrong person? Compaas Secure Login makes sure people only see what they are supposed to.

Teach as You Go

Managers and team leaders can see exactly where their reports are within their pay bands, and get a true sense of their compensation history. No more raises grounded in instinct

Our Process



White Glove Setup

Just tell us your rules. No raises over 3%? Minimum tenure? Only increments of $500? Give us your guidelines, and we’ll handle all the messy set-up.



Company Goals First

Strategic adjustments support company values and raise up employees who are falling behind. Get a head-start before the “managers and merit” chaos.




Merit Allocations Next

You decide who recommends raises, and we give them a clean informative way to distribute their budgets.



Stakeholders Approve Raises

Sometimes you need more than one set of eyes. We provide a way for higher-ups to view and edit proposed raises.

End-to-end clarity
for HR and Managers

Enjoy more buy-in and fewer arguments

when everyone works from the same page.

We are all on the same team. With Compaas, compensation conversations between HR and managers can be transparent and painless.

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Case Study

Security and Efficiency with Compaas Rewards



A growing company discovers the value of instant results

For every metric

Varo Money needed to run a raise cycle – fast. Learn how Compaas Rewards helped organize their data and speed up their reporting.


  • Security and context
  • Managers loved Range Penetration and the simple UI
  • Quick on-boarding and export for payroll