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So long, Spreadsheets!


Introducing Compaas Rewards
for secure and transparent raises.

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Fast. Secure. Powerful.


See how Compaas Rewards
can transform your raise cycle.

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Context is Everything


Compaas Rewards gives managers 
the context they need, when they need it.

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HR software should make your life better.

Let us crunch the numbers

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Compaas does what good software is supposed to do.

We remove the time-consuming, repetitive tasks that waste your time — pulling data out of silos, putting it into spreadsheets, trying to see patterns.

Compaas's compensation tool dashboard
Compaas transforms your data into powerful insights. See where spending changes will have the greatest impact.
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how compaas works

How Compaas Works

Compaas connects to your existing HR Tech stack. By bringing your sources-of-truth together, we help you dig into compensation in an entirely new way.

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Total Compensation Insights

Data is abundant, but insights are scarce. Compaas gives you clear insights into Total Compensation.

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Easy On-Boarding

Our team does all the heavy lifting, so on-boarding is a breeze.

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Connects to your existing systems

Get up-to-date information about total employee compensation, for any HR Tech stack.

Accurate and Reliable

Get an instant, up-to-date view of Total Employee Compensation.

Compensation includes Stock and Cash

Dive into the ways employee stock affects Total Compensation — even in private companies.

Improve Pay Transparency

Are your employees dissatisfied with how your company talks about compensation? We can help with that!

Discover Risks and Address Them

You can’t solve problems you can’t see. Compaas guides you to areas that may be of concern so you can address potential issues.

Support International Employees

Get powerful insights for employees outside the US. See total compensation by region, department, currency, or rolled up for the entire company.

Educate Managers and Leadership

Help Managers and Leadership understand how compensation really works, with great tools to help you guide them.





Deepen your relationship with data.

Simple. Powerful. Beautiful. Secure.
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