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Fast. Secure. Powerful.


See how Compaas Rewards
can transform your raise cycle.

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Context is Everything


Compaas Rewards gives managers the context they need, when they need it.

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Crisis-free Raise Cycles


Learn how Compaas Rewards
tames the chaos.

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Compaas takes the stress out of compensation cycles.

Stop losing sleep fighting with spreadsheets. Start using software that makes your life easier. Compaas Rewards supports your raise cycle end-to-end.

Compaas Rewards - Approver Views
Compaas Rewards gives managers the power of context. Easily visualize how raises and will have the greatest impact – including budget and targets.
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Easy On-boarding

Our team does all the heavy lifting, so on-boarding is a breeze.

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Great Support at Every Step

From start to finish, Compaas helps with excellent support along the way.

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Compaas Analytics - Detail report

Get the Whole Picture

Add in Compaas Analytics, and get important insights about your total compensation spending – even between cycles.

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Connects to your Existing Systems

Use information about total employee compensation, for any HR Tech stack. You can even upload additional data as-needed.

Accurate and Reliable

Get an instant, up-to-date view of your Compensation Cycle – who has submitted, who has yet to get started, and what’s been approved.

Consider both Stock and Cash

If your company uses Stock as part of employee comp, Compaas Rewards can help give the whole picture.

Faster and Easier than Spreadsheets

Tired of cutting and merging spreadsheets? Compaas Rewards is faster – and much more secure.

Manager Guidance, Better Experience

Are your managers dissatisfied with the tools they use to recommend raises? Compaas Rewards is fast and easy to use.

Support International Employees

Raise processes tailored for employees outside the US. Build your cycle to reflect the requirements of different regions.

Educate Managers and Leadership

Help Managers and Leadership understand how compensation really works, with great tools to help you guide them.





Learn how easy it is to get started with Compaas Rewards.

Simple. Powerful. Beautiful. Secure.
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