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Why compensation?

Sometimes we get this question: “Why are you working on compensation?”

From decades of experience leading tech teams, the founders of Compaas already knew that the hardest problems they faced were people-problems. After talking with hundreds of HR professionals, founders, legal experts, and other founders, they learned that they weren’t alone. 

Compensation matters. It’s also one of the hardest problems facing companies. We wanted to work on the hardest problem we could find — and that’s why we created Compaas.

bethanye McKinney Blount headshot
bethanye McKinney Blount

With over twenty years experience working in technology, bethanye has led engineering teams at reddit, Linden Lab, EMI Music, and Facebook. MailRank, an email productivity startup she co-founded, was acquired by Facebook in 2011.

She is a Founding Advisor at Project Include. In 2018, Forbes included bethanye on their list of Top 50 Women In Tech.


Lisa Dusseault

Lisa Dusseault is a celebrated engineer who has built her career solving complex technology problems. After Microsoft, she led internet standards groups at the IETF that enable us all to communicate and collaborate in calendars, messaging, and file-sharing.

Lisa has led fast-moving engineering teams at Linden Lab and Stubhub, and founded technology startups including Klutch and ShareTheVisit.


Yoz Grahame
Senior Software Engineer

Twenty years of professional software engineering, product design and community development has given Yoz a solid reputation in the world of emerging technology. He has a wealth of experience in combining cutting edge Internet software with solid engineering practice.

Yoz is a regular writer, speaker and commentator.


Erica Firment headshot
Erica Firment
Head of Product Design

Raised in the flames of late-century Flint, MI, Erica vowed to fight ugly interfaces and battle confusion in all forms.

SXSW speaker and agile enthusiast, Erica enjoys radical librarianship, open access to information, and subversively educational video games.

As Head of Product Design, she drives product from concept to release. She defines features, user flows, content, error conditions, and is fond of prototyping during the requirements conversation.


Kellen McCrary
After finishing his Master's Degree, Kellen made his way to California to pursue a career in Sports Technology. He spent a few  years in Silicon Valley, then two years building his own company in Sacramento.
Being on the Sales and Business Development side of things here at Compaas, Kellen is a huge believer in building meaningful relationships with our customers — and ensuring we always exceed expectations! 


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